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Many of our pots come in the following colors:

Blue, green, yellow, black, white, haresfoot/green, haresfoot/blue, and sometimes red.

Our red is volatile and expensive to work with. Items are offered in red as it becomes available by good fortune of the kiln.

The pictures here are a small portion of the items we carry in our store. We will add to and change our gallery as often as possible, but if you have a particular interest, have seen a specific pot at our place in the past, call and see if we can meet your needs. Also, many of our items are one of a kind, a vase with a specific design may or may not be replicated and the designs will almost always vary. We are happy to email to you a photo of the specific items that are available.

Please call us at (207)-244-3602.
Email: [email protected]

The vases shown here are hand thrown on the wheel and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The red glazed pieces are very limited in availability since red is the most difficult glaze to produce. It is also a very expensive color.
The small vase is 61/2” high.
Vase on left is 8” high.
Medium vase is 10” high.
Large vase 14” high.
The bowls shown are hand thrown on the wheel with the potter’s finger marks coming up the sides. We make all sizes from 3” condiment bowls to 14” serving bowls and come in all of our glaze colors. Many have incised scrafitto design patterns and our trademark sailboat button. The bowls shown average 9” in diameter.
Since Ed loves building wooden boats he also makes these boats in clay. All are hand built individually. These Maine dories can be used for serving or for display. One customer uses his to hold his collection of sea glass.
They average 13 ˝” long.
Wash your fruit and berries in Lisbeth’s berry bowl and use the same dish for serving while they drain. The bowl and plate are hand thrown on the wheel and have incised scraffitto design and our trademark button. They come in all of our glaze colors and average 81/2” to 9".
Our platters are hand built and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The platter shown is an oval shape and has an incised scraffito design and our trademark button. 
Lisbeth has individually designed and hand built these bowls No two are exactly alike. They are used for chowders and dips and like most of our pottery they can go in the oven. The crab bowl comes with a hot crab dip recipe.
They average 51/2” in diameter and 2” deep.